About Arianne Pauline Roca nude sandal

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Pauline is a comfortable medium heeled sandal tight to the ankle designed by the Barcelona based brand About Arianne.

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Pauline is a medium-heeled sandal with a classic touch from the Barcelona based brand About Arianne.
It comes in Nude coloured goat leather which is soft and flexible. This is a very comfortable sandal as the feet is very well hold due to its design. One strap covers part of the toes. A second strap crosses over the instep and it is adjustable with a buckle, also covered in the same leather. A third, thiner, strap surrounds the back of the ankle. The heel is wide, medium size, 5,5cm and is all covered in the same nude leather as the sandal. The shape of the sole on the toe is squary.


  • Goat leather
  • Nude
  • 5,5cm high heel
  • Vegetable resine sole
  • Made in Spain


  • This style fits true to size

Matches well with

  • This sandal looks nice with trouser and skirt. The nude colour makes it versatile as it matches very well with any colour and any print. This is also a vesatile style as can be worn to an event or daily.


  • Apply some moisturizing product to the leather from time to time in order to maintain it as clean and neat as possible for a long time.

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